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Edited publications
Cha: An Asian Literary Journal (Founding Co-editor) (November 2007-present)
Fleeting Books (Marketing Director; formerly: Poetry Editor and Assistant Editor) (July 2011-present)

Essays and Editorials
¶"Bathing in a ski-suit: writing in a second language"reprint, English Language as Hydra 2, eds. Vaughan Rapatahana, Pauline Bunce, Bristol: Multilingual Matters. (forthcoming)
"Hula hooping", Cha: An Asian Literary Journal (March 2013) 
"A hundred years of karma", Cha: An Asian Literary Journal (November 2012)
"In my piecemeal fashion", Cha: An Asian Literary Journal (September 2012) 

"Pillow books", Cha: An Asian Literary Journal (March 2012) 
"China: what it is, what it could be", Cha: An Asian Literary Journal (July 2011)
¶"Bathing in a ski-suit: writing in a second language", Cha: An Asian Literary Journal (May 2010)
"Jerusalem at the Apollo Theatre", Stet Journal's Theatre blog (October 2011)
"The Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art", Stet Journal's Visual and Live Arts blog (February 2011)
"Philippe Parreno", Stet Journal's Visual and Live Arts blog (December 2010)
"Tribes at the Royal Court", Stet Journal's Theatre blog (November 2010)
"Krapp’s Last Tape at the Duchess Theatre", Stet Journal's Theatre blog (November 2010)
Dialogues (Co-written)
¶"Reverse metamorphosis" in Poemeleon: A Journal of Poetry (4.2, Winter/Spring 2010)
¶"Crabbed youth and age", "Mistake of a small bird" in
Canopic Jar (April 2010, issue #24)

¶"Poetic license' in Bodega Fiction (expected)

"Hula hooping" in Berfrois (February 2013) 
"The cemetery of skating boards" in The Rusty Nail (October 2012)

Poetry (in books, anthologies, etc.)
"269C", "Lonely Heart in Kowloon Bay" in OutLoud Too Anthology (expected)
"Honest diary (Monday 6th September, 2010)" in Mapping Me: A Landscape of Women's Stories (expected)
"The famine, 1959-62"reprint"I lay curled on the sofa"reprint"Glory, repentance"reprint in  Asian Poetry in English: An Anthology (Math Paper Press, forthcoming)
"His t-shirts"reprint (p. 12), "Minute"reprint (p. 13), "Languages"reprint (p. 14) in Same Difference (J Publishing Company, 2010)
¶"Future bride" (p. 153) in One in a Million (Forward Press, 2010)-

Poetry (in journals, magazines, e-zines, etc.)

¶"How a city is transformed into poems", "Celestial flowers" in 91st Meridian (expected)
¶"Tender curiosity" and "Instrument" in The Kite Journal (expected)
¶"Your brother, not forgotten"reprint in Saint Ann's Review (expected, tenth anniversary issue)
¶ "Shards"in One Imperative (expected, 2014)
¶ Eight poems (translated from the Chinese into English by me) in Pathlight (expected, 2013)
¶"Fame", "Scribblings in Moleskines", "Tiny scissors" in Pirene's Fountains (expected, October 2013)
¶"Postcards orderly" in Berfrois (expected, 2013)
"Morning blues" in Berfrois (3 September 2013)
"Have you heard the news?" in Prairie Schooner (August 2013)
"The poet says" in Northeast Review (July 2013)
¶"Some moments", "My delinquent", "Retreating", "Instrument" in Connotation Press (May 2013)
"Frames" in Berfrois (May 2013)
¶"Scale" (English translation by Ricky Garni) (pp. 86-87) in SAND (Issue 7, 2013)
"An ode" in qarrtsiluni (May 2013)
"I hope one day you will learn how to use the oyster knife" in Martian Lit (May 2013)
¶"Should we try something new for a change?", "The fastest cat feeder now feeds only one cat" in Otoliths (May 2013)
"How a city is transformed into poems" in KIN (April 2013)
¶"Tender curiosity", "Counting sheep" in Black Heart Magazine (March 2013)-
"Exhaustion" in Samizdat Literary Journal (January 2013)
"Awkward bow" in KIN (January 2013)
"Retrospectively potent" in Martian Lit (14 January 2013)
¶"Cantonese idioms" in One Imperative (January 2013)
¶"Haunting", "Wishes" in Amethyst Arsenic (Winter 2013)
¶"Amsterdam", "Early morning in Rio de Janeiro", "Breakfast at Lisboa", "Pattaya", "Joyous pavilion" (original poetry by Yao Feng; translated from the Chinese into English by me) in Pathlight (December 2012)
"New data" in Likewise Folio (December 2012)
"A brief meal"reprint in Radius (13 December 2012)
¶"The biographer's notes" (p. 67), "Dairy entries" (p. 68) in The Normal School (Fall 2012)
"Pray to Lord I hope at least one of my Ears doesn't pop" in Martian Lit (3 December 2012)
"Palm trees" in NAP (November 2012)
"Different ways of saying love"reprint in Reprint Poetry (16 November 2012)
¶"Hong Kong public etiquette", "Dispatches from Sawbridgeworth" in Berfrois (7 November 2012)
¶"To another sweetheart who currently lives in America where I cannot ride my London bike to", Sixteenth-century gadflies", "Nasty girl", "Forsaken days",  "That winter", "From Greenich to the Maughan Library and back" in Unshod Quills (Fall 2012)
"Sweet heart"reprint in Reprint Poetry (7 October 2012)
"Different ways of saying love" in Golden Sparrow Literary Magazine (29 September 2012)
"Evolution" in Radioactive Moat (Fall 2012)
"Saturday" in Martian Lit (17 September 2012)
"Celestial flowers" in Berfrois (17 July 2012)
¶"Covert plagiarisms" in Eyewear (12 July 2012)
¶"Dream sequence" [pdf] in One Imperative (July 2012)
¶"But not Chuang Tze's butterfly", "Farewell notes written at the station", Final words", "10 responses to a sonnet in 10 parts without 14 lines", "Love song" in Fanzine (25 June 2012)
"Remembering Li, a Tienanmen activist" in Radius (8 June 2012)
"Learning to remember you: Saturday afternoons, SE10" in Xenith (May 2012)
"The newlyweds" in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore (April 2012)
"People samplings" in The Tower Journal (Spring/Summer 2012)
"Reincarnation" in Word Riot (March 2012)
"No hoarding" in Right Hand Pointing (Issue #49, March 2012)
"How can you understand?" in Dinosaur Bees (Issue #4, Winter 2011)
¶"An anatomy of memory", "Something happened" [pdf] in  Asiatic: IIUM Journal of English Language and Literature (December 2011)
"A charmed life" in Umbrella Journal (Winter-Spring 2011-2012)
¶"Lemminkainen's mother" (p. 52) in James Dickey Review (Fall/Winter 2011)
"Mythologies" in Everyday Genius (30 September 2011)
"The girl whose face is in faux porcelain bowls" in Phantom Kangaroo (September 2011)
¶"Forged memories", "While you are away", "Fisherman in a storm", "Somewhere, tonight" in Raft Magazine (August 2011)
¶"Roseability" [pdf] (p. 31) in The New Writer Magazine (Summer 2011)
"Peak District" (pp. 20-21) in Willows Wept Review (Summer 2011)
¶"Reflecting rain", "Two fleeting flying lives" [pdf] in The Adroit Journal  (Summer 2011)
¶"Heartbroken because of geography" (p. 14), "The untrained eye" (p. 15) in Floating Bridge Review (Number 4, 2011)
"Eschatology: a riddle" in The Nervous Breakdown (29 July 2011)
"Official causes of death in a Chinese prison" in Radius (29 July 2011)
"Rumours of a first date" in Red River Review (August 2011)
¶"Childhood friend", "To see the world" in 3:AM Magazine (July 2011)
¶"Post mortem" (p. 35) in The Journal (Summer 2011)
"Negotiation" in Fleeting Magazine (July 2011)
¶"Street musicians", "Five suggestions for breaking the ice on a London snow-bound first date", "All decent clocks", "Obeah" [pdf] in Wilderness House Literary Review (6:2, July 2011)
¶"Worst fears manifested in laundry", "from Things in my own (bed)room (101)", "Red riding hood and grandmother" in One Imperative (June 2011)
¶"Better than a good friend", "Ocean desires, with reference to Frankenstein" in The Fox Chase Review (June 2011)
"Perhaps a second sun" in Ramshackle Review (June 2011)
"A captive's dove message to her mother" in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore (April 2011)
"The soliloquy of the paper ipod maker" (p. 56) in Other Poetry (2011)
"First snow" in Apple Valley Review (Spring 2011)
"Warming his piano bench", "Dragon" in Poetry Quarterly (Winter 2010, Issue 5)
"Written in snow" in Subliminal Interiors (March 2011)
"The final straw" in elimae (March 2011) [the poem is inspired by this encounter]
"You don't know me" in Dinosaur Bees (Issue #2, February 2011)
"Double happiness" in Orbis: Quarterly International Literary Journal (Issue #154, Winter 2010)
"Show your face" in Poor Mojo's Almanac(k) (Issue #521, January 2011)
¶"Kissing marble lips" (p. 12), "Outro: debased creatures" (p. 12) in Tengen Magazine (Issue 2, Autumn 2010)
¶"Where were you last night?", "Death sings of his game", "Once born doorknobs" [pdf]in One Imperative (October 2010)
"Dendrochronology" in Willows Wept Review (Fall 2010) [discussed here]
"Summer dusk" in Right Hand Pointing (Issue 36, October 2010)
¶"The argument" and "The soliloquy of a street kid" in poeticdiversity (August 2010)
¶"A dream visit to your loitering land" [pdf] (pp. 24-25) in
Inkspill Magazine  (July/August/September 2010) [editor's comments: "The featured poems are diverse in form, including a sestina and a glosa, and Tammy Ho Lai-Ming creates a beautiful surrealism with her dream-poem."] 
¶"Clichéd Love", "Your silhouette is blasphemous" (p. 12) in The Irish Examiner USA (July and October 2010)
¶"Clichéd Love" (p. ?), "Your silhouette is blasphemous" (p. 10) in The Douglas Post (July and October 2010)
¶"The mildmaid's speech", "It could happen you know", "Future bride"reprint, "Lying Scorpios" in Concelebratory Shoehorn Review (August 2010)
¶"Buy me finery for my funeral" in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore (July, 2010)
¶"Self portraits"reprint [pdf] (pp. 135-136) in Asiatic: IIUM Journal of English Language and Literature (June 2010)
My summer is your winter" in Osprey Journal (Summer 2010)
Caught in the flood" (Co-written) in qarrtsiluni (Friday 2 July, 2010)
Bring a torch" in Everyday Weirdness (Tuesday 15th June, 2010)
A rendezvous on the clouds" in Boston Literary Magazine (June 2010)
¶"I didn't intend to write about sex (after cyril wong)" (pp. 30-31), "Inside the train" (pp. 28-29), "The comfort of strangers" (pp. 26-27), "An equation for a returning husband" (pp. 24-25) (translated into Italian by Tiziano Fratus. all previously published in English.) in
Ludwig: cahier di poesia internazionale (May 2010)
¶"The weight of his tongue" in Short, Fast, and Deadly (9 May 2010)
The train" in A Handful of Stone (Tuesday 4th May, 2010) [second part of the poem]
¶"Winter curses", "Boiled frog" in Retort Magazine (Australia, 7 March 2010)
Marvelous banality" in Pedestal Magazine (Issue#56, February-April 2010)
Deceiving the world"reprint in Asia Writes (18 February 2010)

¶"Cupid knows his job"reprint in Bolts of Silk (14 February 2010)
Suggestions for distributing your poems" in GUD Magazine (Winter 2009, issue #10 [February 2010]) [This poem is mentioned here, here, and here.]
A trick of the light" in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore (January 2010)
¶"It is impossible to be partially gutted" and "
In expectation" in Writers Connect [now defunct] (January 2010)
"We don't dread night light" in Robot Melon (issue #10, January 2010)
Images (see gallery here)
"Frozen" in Martian Lit (29 July 2013)
"Canterbury 2009" in Martian Lit (13 May 2013)
"Dots", cover image of Ricky Garni's Dots (March 2013)
"His Back" in Martian Lit (25 February 2013)
"Doubling" in Martian Lit (17 December 2012)
"Getting ready" in Martian Lit (8 October 2012)
"Disappeared", "Important" in Subliminal Interiors (September 2012)
"Notice board" in Stirring: A Literary Collection (August 2012)
"Fruit shop in London" in Juked (23 May 2012)
"Hide and seek" in wtf pwm (issue #3.2, August 2011)

¶"Pack of wolves" in Stirring: A Literary Collection (May 2011)
"Sisters", "The lost dancer", "Angels in Stockholm" in THIS Literary Magazine (expected, March/April 2011)
¶"Baby chick II", "Bees in motion" in Subliminal Interiors (March 2011)

¶"Stockholm syndrome" (A photography sequence) in The Scrambler (February 2011) 
"Empty", "Mulled wine" in THIS Literary Magazine (January/February 2011)
¶"Standing on ice" in Stirring: A Literary Collection (January 2011)
¶"Headbroken" in Stirring: A Literary Collection
(October 2010)
¶"Baby chick" in Stirring: A Literary Collection (September 2010)
¶"At home" in
Stirring: A Literary Collection (July 2010)
¶"Water bottle", "All are open" in The Driftwood Review [pdf] (Issue #7, June 2010)
¶"Half and Half", "Modern three witches" in The Writer's Block [pdf] (Issue #5, 2010)